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Board of Health

The Bear River Board of Health is comprised of nine members from Cache, Rich, and Box Elder Counties. One member from each county is an elected official in their county. Other individuals who have an interest in public health may also be appointed as board members. Board members serve three-year terms with no financial compensation for their service. The Board of Health establishes public health policies for the Bear River Health District.


Box Elder County

Jeff Scott –
County Commissioner

Jim Abel –
Appointed Seat A

Dale Ward, Chief Deputy –
Appointed Seat B


Cache County

Craig Buttars –
Vice Chair, County Executive

Cheryl Atwood –
Appointed Seat A

Jim Davis, MD –
Appointed Seat B

James Swink –
Chair, Cache County Attorney, Appointed Seat C

Sara Sinclair –
Appointed Seat D


Rich County

Bill Cox –
County Commissioner

Board of Health Meetings: Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month (with the exception of June, July, August and December) at 1 PM. Meeting locations rotate between Cache and Box Elder counties. All agendas and minutes are posted on the Utah Public Notice Website.

Health Department Mission

The Bear River Health Department (BRHD) is one of 13 local health departments that work to promote and protect the health of Utah’s residents. The BRHD was originally established in 1971 by the Utah legislature. The BRHD provides public health services to the residents of Box Elder, Cache, and Rich County.

The BRHD has 110 employees at 6 different locations and serves a population of more than 160,000 in the three county areas.



Healthy People in Healthy Communities


Prevent disease, promote healthy lifestyles, and protect the community and environment.

To view the Bear River Health Department Strategic Plan for 2018-2022, click here.

To view the Bear River Health Department Community Health Improvement Plan for 2018-2022, click here.

The Bear River Health Department collaborated with Intermountain Healthcare to complete two community health needs assessments. To view the assessment for Logan Regional Hospital, click here. To view the assessment for Bear River Valley Hospital, click here.

Meet The Team

Would you like to know more about what our department offers? Check out this video to meet our staff and learn about our services.

Public Notices

Public hearings are held to allow members of the public to make their opinions known before a rule, law or policy is made. Notice of these hearings will be posted here and on the Utah Public Notice Website.

Public Health Data

Looking for the latest health data for Box Elder, Cache, and Rich counties? Visit HealthyBRHD.org to learn what the leading causes of death and disease are for the residents of these communities. You can also view community health indicators such as access to health care and get demographic data on this site.

Public Health Laws

Utah Administrative Code Rule R380-40. Local Health Department Minimum Performance Standards states that local health departments will report annually to governing bodies served within the health district. Please see the Annual Reports that are presented each year to governing bodies in Box Elder, Cache, and Rich counties.

Client Grievance Procedure

Clients of the Bear River Health Department (BRHD), have the right to file a grievance for any action or inaction of the Department and/or Department employees as outlined in Utah Code 26A-1-121 Section 2.

A client may request an administrative review (grievance hearing) at any time during participation in a BRHD service or program. This right is explained to clients during initial enrollment in services. Clients have the right to review his or her file, a right to a copy of any contracts or treatment plans, and the right to ask questions regarding agency policies and procedures.