Bear River Health Department (BRHD) has issued a Warning Advisory for Mantua Reservoir after samples collected on July 6 showed high cyanobacteria cell-count densities. BRHD has posted signs around the reservoir to alert the public about the warning advisory.

Stay safe by doing the following:

  • Don’t swallow water when swimming
  • Wash hands with clean water before eating or preparing food
  • Clean fish well and discard the guts
  • Keep animals away
  • Recognize the signs of a bloom, and when in doubt, stay out

Algae may move or disperse depending on temperature, wind and weather. Contact the Utah Poison Control Center if you or your animals have unexplained sickness or signs of poisoning. 1.800.222.1222.

Visit for more information. To report an algae bloom call 801.536.4123.