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Water Sampling

Having clean water is essential for good health. For bacteriological water sampling pick up a sampling bottle at our Environmental Health Location.

$20 Bacteriological Sample
$25 Quantitative bacteriological Sample
$30 Nitrate Sample

Drop Off Location:
Bear River Health Department, Environmental Building
85 East 1800 North Logan, Utah

Monday – Wednesday
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

8:00 AM to Noon

Samples are not collected on Fridays.
Holiday Sample Receiving Schedule – 2022

Food Safety

Restaurant Health Complaint
If you suspect that a food is contaminated or has made you or someone sick, please report it here or call us at 435-792-6570.

If you are interested in viewing the latest food service inspections completed by our team, click here.

Temporary Food Permit

Temporary food permits are required to sell or give away food to the public. Permits are required for any group or individual who wishes to serve food at a temporary event. To avoid a late fee get your permit at least one week prior to the event.


$40 One Day Event
$10/day Additional Days (for the same event)
$10 Late Fee (if 5 business days before an event)
$20 Late Fee (if 1 business day before or day of event)
$150 Multi-Event (Non-TCS Foods)
$200 Multi-Event (TCS Foods)

Multi event permits are valid for one year. TCS Foods =Time/Temperature Control for Safety, which includes items such as meat, poultry, dairy products, eggs, cut fruits, cooked vegetables, etc.

Food Establishment Permits

(Any person, establishment, or business serving food to the public must be permitted. Before applying for a permit there are three basic questions that need to be answered.
• What type of food, or how many types of food will be prepared and served?
• Where will service take place?
• As only special events like celebrations or fairs, from a permanent building, or from a mobile establishment that operates on a regular basis?

In addition to the permit for the establishment, it may be required that each person at an establishment get food safety training. Each person at a permanently permitted establishment must have a Food Handler’s Permit. At least one person at each permanently permitted establishment must have a Food Safety Manager Certification.

New Establishment and Information Packet (Printable): All new food establishments must complete this packet. This packet includes information on plan review submissions, applications, food handler and food safety manager classes.

New Establishment and Information Packet for Mobile Food Establishments (Printable): All mobile food trucks/trailers, etc must complete this packet.

Food Service Permit Application (Printable):  All permanent food service establishments must complete this form.

Air Quality

Current Air Quality Conditions


Recess Guidelines

It can be challenging to determine when it is safe to have recess outdoors. Here are the guidelines.

PM 2.5 above 55.5: All students stay indoors.
PM 2.5 35.5 – 55.4: Students with respiratory symptoms & sensitive students stay indoors.
PM 2.5 below 35.4: All students outdoors.

More information about the Recess Guidelines can be found here.

Wood Burning Stoves

Vehicle Air Quality

Vehicle Emissions Program

Where can I get my vehicle inspected? How can I prepare for an emissions inspection? What if I fail an emissions inspection? Click here for information.

To schedule an appointment please call 435-792-6579. For technical questions please call 435-792-6557.

Prospective and current emissions inspectors:

Vehicle Repair and Replacement Assistance Program

Is your check engine light on? Do you live, work, or go to school in Cache County? You may qualify for funding to help repair or replace your vehicle.

Mass Gatherings

Before you plan to advertise your event, please fill out the form to ensure that you’re approved to host your gathering and that the location is equipped with all required necessities. Mass gathering permit are needed for any event serving 1,000 people or more for 2 hours or more.

$225 Per Event

Pool/Spa Permits

There are two different application forms, please select the one that best fits your needs at this time:

Cost Pool/Spa Permit Application:
$250 Year round pool/spa
$200 Seasonal pool/spa

Cost Pool/Spa Plan ReviewApplication:
$200 body of water (New/Remodeled Facility)
$100 body of water (Change/Transfer of Ownership)

Body Art Applications

To view the BRHD Regulations for Body Art Facilities, please click HERE.

There are three different application forms, please select the one that best fits your needs at this time:

Body Art Technician Permit Application: $35
Body Art Plan Review Application: $175
Body Art Facility Application: $175