We would like to welcome and introduce Dr. Prafulla Garg as Medical Director of the Bear River Health Department and Ian Troesoyer, as a Nurse Practitioner.

Dr. Prafulla Garg has been a pediatrician with the Budge clinic for almost 20 years. Pediatrics remains her passion and love.  Public health, especially infectious diseases, has been an interest, which peaked during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Garg’s experience of growing up in India, treating illnesses of public health, and her ability to identify with patients and families makes her perfect for the position of Medical Director.  In her little, leftover, spare-time, Dr. Garg is an avid reader and enjoys traveling. Different places, differne cultures and foods fascinate her, and she hopes to never stop learning.

Ian Troesoyer is a family nurse practitioner with a deep passion for public health, preventive medicine, and affordable healthcare. In his practice, he strives to affirm the dignity of all people and enjoys doing what he can to improve the health of people living in poverty, struggling with substance use disorder, or facing marginalization. Prior to becoming a nurse practitioner, Ian worked in public health in Idaho for 7 years as a registered nurse, epidemiologist, and clinical services director. In his free time, Ian likes going on adventures with his family, riding his bike, and playing in a band.

Both of these medical providers are available for certain services, including; the refugee & immigration health program, the medicated assisted therapy program, and the tuberculosis program at the Bear River Health Department. To schedule an appointment with one of them please call 435-792-6500.