Mass Gathering Application

FORM – English

    Required Contact Information


    Property Owner Information

    *You must submit a site plan describing the area where the gathering is to be held, including all of the following:

    1. The parking area available for patrons
    2. Location of entrance, exit, and interior roadways and walks
    3. Location of all first-aid stations and emergency medical resources
    4. Location, type, and provider of restroom and hand washing facilities
    5. Location and description of water stations
    6. Location and number of food stands, and the types of food to be served if known (food vendors will require separate permits)
    7. Location, number, type, and provider of solid waste containers
    8. Location of operator's headquarters at the gathering
    9. A plan to provide lighting adequate to ensure the comfort and safety of attendees and staff
    10. Location of all parking areas designated for the gathering and under the operator's control

    *Please provide copies of all service agreements for the event (i.e., liquid waste, solid waste, emergency medical services, site use orrental, etc.)

    Max File Size: 2MB

    Or for larger files provide a public link to DropBox, or GoogleDrive, so that we can download your files:

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