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Patient Information Sheet

Patient Information

BRHD Facility: Tremonton Brigham City Logan South Logan Garden City Randolph

Patient Sex: Male Female

Patient Race:
American Indian or Alaskan Native
Black or African American
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander

I understand that Bear River Health Department may contact me by text or phone call to remind me of any scheduled appointment. Please DO NOT send me reminders by voice or text

If Patient is under 18 provide the following:

Insurance Information

My current insurance status is:

Uninsured. I/my child do/does not have health insurance.

Insured. I/my child do/does have health insurance, and it covers all or part of the cost of immunizations.

Signature of Client or ParentGuardian Representative



I acknowledge receipt of a copy of the Bear River Health Department (Health Department) Notice of Privacy Practices-For Protected Health Information (Notice) which I have or will carefully review, and acknowledge my rights for a more complete description and understanding of potential uses, disclosures of and/or requests for such Protected Health Information by the Health Department.

I acknowledge that the Health Department reserves for itself the right to change the terms of its Notice at any time, and that if the Health Department does not change the terms of its Notice, I acknowledge the right to obtain a copy of the current revised Notice at any Health Department office.



Consent for Services

I have been provided with information about the vaccine I am receiving today. I have had a chance to ask questions that were answered to my satisfaction. I believe I understand the benefits and risks of the vaccine.


Are you allergic to eggs? Yes No

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