Annie Parker, Bear River Health Department’s Prevention Coordinator, talks about preventing underage drinking. Annie reminds us that most kids do value their parent’s opinions. There are also a few things that Parent’s Empowered has outlined that can help with underage drinking. Listen to this recording or read below for more information.

Start early

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends talking to kids about underage drinking as early as age 9.1 Research shows kids are making up their minds about alcohol between the ages of 9 to 13 and those perceptions can become more favorable as they mature. And if they view it as pleasurable, they’re much more likely to drink underage.2 If your child is older, it’s never too late to start the discussion

All kids need a parent’s help to stay alcohol-free

As a parent, you can help keep kids’ brains healthy and their futures bright, free from the harms of alcohol.

Here’s how:

  • Know and teach the harms early
  • Have fun together
  • Set clear no-alcohol rules
  • Know what your kids are doing